Acrylic Tables

Acrylic Tables Clear Design only uses high-quality acrylic material imported from Out in all our furniture manufacturing. With attention to detail in our manufacturing process along with creative thinking in our designs, we are able to produce a wide range of table design for Local and international markets.

Contemporary, yet timeless. Our chic Acrylic Coffee Table strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Made of thick-walled, high-quality acrylic, the clear silhouette invites your room to become part of the design.

Acrylic Coffee Table features:
Makes smaller seating areas feel airy & open
Fully assembled

Acrylic Tables Shapes :

  • Modern Coffee Table with Size Options
  • Desk
  • Side Table
  • Twin TV Stand
  • Console Table
  • Square Coffee Table
  • Single TV Stand
  • 4 Seater Acrylic Dining Table
  • 6 Seater Acrylic Dining Table
  • 8 Seater Acrylic Dining Table
  • 10 Seater Acrylic Dining Table
  • Coffee Table
  • Nesting Side Tables with Solid Sides
  • Large Nesting Tables
  • Console Tables
  • Nesting Side Tables with Hollow Sides


Clear Acrylic furniture the power of transparency brings an unclutter and more sophisticated feeling to a room. Modern tables are timeless they blend well with most other furniture, they showcase the mix of colors and patterns in a room.

Create a sense of space in a small apartment and bring glossy light reflection material to an interior’s decors mix of colors and textures.

Creative acrylic furniture design supports a wide range of uses. Acrylic tables and benches can be used in home and office décor. Acrylic tables bring a sophisticated uncluttered look to retails store interior design supporting fashion brands advertisement and inspiring showroom with a sophisticated atmosphere.