Acrylic Z Chair

Acrylic  Z chair is one of our signature lines and has been a staple of our product. Acrylic Z chair is crafted from a single Acrylic sheet, this is expertly cut, heated, and bent to its classic Z shape before being polished and buffered to perfection.

ِAcrylic chairs are one of the most used furniture in decorating the house, in the office, or in restaurants, due to their ease of carrying. Plastic chairs can be manufactured from different synthetic compounds which include Polycarbonate, acrylic, and plastic

Temperatures are mostly used to make a solid plastic chair that cannot be deformed once designed

Acrylic Z Chair Product Dimensions :

1″ thick acrylic
Custom width available
16″L x 22″D x 35″H seat 18″H

and there are other types of Acrylic Chair products:

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To know more about the type of plastic chair in detail will definitely help give a broad knowledge to people who are planning to change the look of their office or design your home with simple and fun interior designs.