Colored Acrylic Sheets

Colored acrylic sheets are suitable for many different applications, they are primarily used for decoration and finishing touches. The sheets are UV resistant, making them an ideal choice for outdoor applications. The colorful sheets are available in a thickness of 3 millimeters and have a maximum sheet size of 305 by 203 centimeters. For colored acrylic, this is the largest sheet size available in our warehouse, but we can cut it to a smaller size free of charge. The vibrant colored acrylic sheets are mostly implemented for decorative purposes. The neutral colors, on the other hand, are available in thicker sizes and, therefore, more suited for heavy-duty applications like balcony glazing and boat windows. Like all other cast acrylic sheets, the Colored Acrylic sheets are easy to work with.


Colored acrylic sheets

Plastic sheets shop supplies several kinds of colored sheeting: tinted, opal, colored, matt, and mirrored. The tinted sheets are fully transparent and evenly colored. They are often used for practical interior design, like shower panels and kitchen splashbacks. You can add some backlighting and create a very unique look. The white opal sheets can also be used for the same purposes and offer light transmission of up to 28%. Opal and tinted acrylic sheets also provide solar protection, which is why they are a popular choice for boat and caravan windows. The solid colored acrylic sheets are opaque, and the frosted sheets are semi-translucent. The sheets are often used as windbreakers, privacy, and balcony glazing. Mirrored acrylic sheets are perfect replacements for regular glass mirrors. Mirrored acrylic sheets are extruded and more prone to splinter or break, so be careful if you’re planning to work on this material.

Cast Colored acrylic sheets are a choice material for DIY projects. The sheets are 30 times more impact resistant than traditional glass but only half the weight of a glass pane of the same thickness. Acrylic is easy to work with using standard DIY tools and you can order any acrylic sheet cut to size free of charge. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for any further questions.