Acrylic Panels in Schools

Plexiglass screens for schools are a practical solution to use in classrooms as an extra layer of protection for the student and teacher. There are beautiful plexiglass screen solutions that allow the teacher to support the student at a safe distance. The clear plastic screen allows the teacher to easily give instructions at an instruction table to the students while both are protected.

Our large Acrylic Panels in Schools, dimensions 1200x800mm is very suitable for this application. Two students can sit behind the screen and through the cutouts, the notebooks and books can be slid underneath. School screens are easy to clean with soapy water. Do not clean the screens with a dry cloth, this will make the screen static.


When you don’t have the space to maintain social distance in your school or classroom, protective barriers can provide physical separation. We offer the largest assortment of in-stock school sneeze guards for desks, tables and counters. Use school shields in classrooms, cafeterias, and offices to protect students, faculty and staff. Separate individual spaces with teacher and student desk dividers or partition larger areas with floor standing room dividers.