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 the most uses of polycarbonate sheets for building roofs, door coverings, awnings, and agricultural coverings – providing solutions for skylights, roofs, and car coverings

Its features:

  • High transparency of external light compared to transparent panels up to 95%.
  • Completely against breakage, unlike glass and acrylic panels, it is 250 times stronger than glass.
  • It is not affected by climatic changes from 40 degrees below zero to 160 degrees Celsius.
  • The stability of the degrees of colors and not changing for life.
  • Covered with a layer of insulation (UV) against ultraviolet rays and sunlight.
  • Completely against fracture, as it bears high pressures and strong shocks.
  • Resistant to combustion and does not help in ignition according to international specifications and standards.
  • Lightweight compared to glass.