Acrylic Shower Cabins

The design is a shower corner, the walls of which become the walls of the bathroom. Shower cabins of this kind have their pros and cons.


  • are cheaper than full cab with a pallet;
  • occupy less space;
  • suitable for arranging a summer shower;
  • a wide variety of design solutions;
  • installation of any internal filling is possible;
  • they are easy to use for people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant.


The shower is a key feature of the bathroom and the shape and design of the shower enclosure have an impact on the style of the room.

Whether it’s a compact shower cubicle for a small en-suite bathroom, a modern and spacious shower for a large family bathroom, or a contemporary and luxurious walk-in shower for a wet room, we offer flexibility within our ranges so you can create the ideal look to suit your lifestyle.

We’ll help you plan your shower enclosure and understand and navigate the variety of door, panel, and tray options so you can be sure that you choose the right ones for your bathroom.

Shower cabins are most often installed in the interiors of the following styles:

  • loft – glass or metal doors, wall decoration with white or red brick tiles, textured tiles on the floor, open communications;
  • minimalism – built into the wall, almost imperceptible faucets, transparent tempered glass doors, good lighting, solid-colored floor tiles;
  • high-tech – all the most modern equipment: massage jets, audio system, radio, plenty of light, shiny metal, glass;
  • Art Deco – wall decoration with patterned tiles with gold patterns, gilded plastic stucco on the ceiling, an abundance of black and brown elements, the floor is made of natural stone;
  • ecological – are made out of tiles that imitate the design, the texture of various wood species – oak, pine, Karelian birch, wenge, juniper; a wooden lattice is put on the floor. Plastic is inappropriate here;
  • Scandinavian – inside is decorated with light wood tiles, outside with natural wood, the main color is white, small pebbles on the floor;
  • Art Nouveau – the room has a bath and a shower, smooth lines, natural colors, bright tile on the floor.