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What Is a Plexiglass Mirror (Acrylic Mirror ) ?

Acrylic Mirror

What Is a Plexiglass Mirror (Acrylic Mirror ) ?

Acrylic Mirror panels are used as an alternative to glass mirrors. They are often utilized to create a specific aesthetic in a room. An acrylic panel is made of a lightweight, durable plastic, which unlike its glass counterparts, is impact and shatters resistant, making it ideal for retail merchandisers or exhibitors.

Custom Edge Finish & Polishing Information:

Silk Road Trading Egypt offers a variety of customization options and edge polishing methods for our acrylic sheets. For a glossier edge select an option with polished edges. Soften the edges of your acrylic sheets with beveled or rounded edges or radius/rounded corners.

Have additional questions about any of these options? Contact our team at Acme Plastics for more information on our acrylic edge polishing and finishing options.

What is Custom Hole Information:

You can choose to add holes to your acrylic mirror panel. After entering your desired number of holes, select from the available hole sizes using the drop-down menu above.

What is Acrylic Mirror Dimension Information:

Standard Cut-to-Size length and width tolerances for acrylic mirror panels are +/-1/8″, although a typical mirror sheet will be more precise. If you or your team acquires a greater degree of accuracy, please contact our team. Our acrylic mirror sheet thickness tolerances are +/- 10% and can vary throughout the sheet, but differences are typically less than 5%. Please refer to the nominal and actual sheet thicknesses below.

0.06″ = 1.5mm
1/8″ = 3mm = 0.118″
1/4″ = 5.5mm = 0.217″

What Are the Benefits of Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

Acrylic mirror sheets & panels are a lightweight, flexible, shatter-resistant alternative to traditional glass mirrors. Common uses include point-of-purchase, security, cosmetics, marine, and automotive applications. Acme Plastics’ acrylic mirror sheets come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and sizes.

Please note: Since an acrylic mirror is flexible and not as rigid as a glass mirror, it will need to be mounted on a solid frame or surface to avoid a distorted “fun-house” like reflection.