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How does the cost of acrylic products compare to other materials?

The cost of acrylic products can also be affected by the quality of the material. Higher-quality acrylic sheets, which are made from pure raw materials and have undergone strict quality control measures, tend to be more expensive than lower-quality, recycled acrylic sheets. However, higher-quality acrylic...
tips to clean acrylic

Tips for Clean Acrylic

The 4 tips to Clean Acrylic Funiture : - Use a microfiber towel or cotton towel to remove dust - Use a non-abrasive cleaner such as baby shampoo or mild dishwashing soap. - Clean the surface with a microfiber towel gently - Use a squeegee or a dry microfiber...

Acrylic Sheets Cut-to-Size

Acrylic Sheets Cut-to-Size Silk Road Trading Egypt  Plastics offers cut-to-size clear and colored acrylic or plexiglass sheets. Choose the exact size of the cut-to-size sheet or panel you need to complete your project without waste. Tolerances for the length and width of standard cut-to-size acrylic plexiglass...
acrylic rods
acrylic rods

What Is Acrylic Rods?

Acrylic Rods can be used in any number of ways. The rods are durable, will not bend easily, will not shrink, and will not weaken. In addition, they are lightweight and enduring and are naturally UV resistant. Additionally, various types of exposure will not compromise quality. What...
acrylic palstic
acrylic palstic

What is Acrylic Plastic?

Acrylic did not see widespread commercial application until 1933 when German scientist Otto Rohm synthesized and patented his product called “Plexiglas.” Acrylic goes under many names, including PMMA, Plexiglass, Lucite, Acrylic Glass, or Acrylite. It has many of the properties of glass but is exceptionally clear...
acrylic sheets
acrylic sheets

What are Acrylic Panels?

Acrylic panels are sheets of acrylic that are usually rectangular or square. Oftentimes the terms acrylic panels and acrylic sheets are used interchangeably. They are often used for building signs, screens, windows, and more.   What are Cut-to-Size Acrylic/Plexiglass Sheets? Commonly used for specific projects cut-to-size plexiglass acrylic...

What Is Acrylic Sheet Thickness ?

Acrylic Sheets known as acrylic glass and lucite, our extruded and cast acrylic sheets and panels are in stock and ready to ship. Order online today for wholesale prices – free freight available! Durable and adaptable, Silk Road Trading Egypt Plastics has an expansive selection of...
Acrylic Mirror

What Is a Plexiglass Mirror (Acrylic Mirror ) ?

Acrylic Mirror panels are used as an alternative to glass mirrors. They are often utilized to create a specific aesthetic in a room. An acrylic panel is made of a lightweight, durable plastic, which unlike its glass counterparts, is impact and shatters resistant, making it...